Hakan Ludvigson - Style EP
Hakan Ludvigson - Style EP Swedish producer Hakan Ludvigson's teams up with PurePure Records, delivering a unique, amazing melodic 3-track deep house EP. The A-side ″Style″ is a solid, groovy instrumental track with a warm, analog sound. On the B-side we find the fresh new extended version of vocal tech-house number ″Darkness″ taken from Hakan's recent studio CD album SOULROOM as well as the outstanding full-on vocal piece ″Hold Yourself″ which can only be compared with the dark melodic work of Swedish electronica legends ″The Knife″.

This stand-out EP will remain a special and useful piece in your DJ bag, get it now!

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Jack Enox - Split Soul EP
Jack Enox - Split Soul EP The first E.P. from a new artist Jack Enox is called “Split Soul”. Becouse one part of his soul belong to his friends!! There are two minimal electro tracks on this E.P. “The Mirror” an emotional one and “Cherry” a crazy funky one. Contains remix by Steve Haze (Acid Tube Records, Punkt-vor-Strich)!!

Fourth release on PurePureMusic has a special value for the label and stands out.

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Alec Tronic
Sehr sehr hübsch, Jungs - endlich mal etwas, das die Welt wieder braucht! Hoffen wir mal, dass sich die Scheibe verkaufen wird!

Ken Ishii
Cherry Original sounds good to me. It will work for dancefloor for sure.

Ascii Disko
"The Mirror" sounds like ascii.disko in 2003 :) nice original tracks and good remixes!

Kiko Martinez

great track

Favorite Track Steve Haze remix

dA frESH
I love Mirror (original), really good electro pop track ! Cherry is good too for dancefloor damage ;-)